David Beazley - Python Concurrency From the Ground Up (LIVE @PyCon 2015)

Great talk and engaging live coding session “Python Concurrency From the Ground Up” by David Beazley at PyCon 2015! Recommended 47 minutes watch.

A few selected quotes:

The fact that he walked in and did this demo from scratch while keeping the packed room engaged was incredible.

A more comprehensive quote:

David Beazley's 2015 PyCon talk on concurrency was one of my favorite talks of the conference, and it was almost all just live coding.

Part of what made that talk compelling was that it took a concept that lots of people find complex/intimidating (how the internals of an asynchronous IO library work) and in ~30 minutes created a full working example in front of a live audience. Writing the code live in front of the audience helps to nail down the central theme of "this stuff isn't actually as scary as it looks".

And another one:

Being in the crowd during this talk was seriously like being at a rock concert.

Beazley was 'playing' the keyboard like an instrument. Every square inch of floor space had someone sitting or standing. The crowd was incredibly invested - nary an eye nor ear wavered. Even Guido looked on with a hawk eye.

I was in a small circle on the floor of people who had just smoked some amazing herb before the talk. I was hanging on his every word and every expression. I've rarely felt so engaged by a conference talk. I'll never forget this one.

He received a raucous standing ovation that is not evident from the conference video.

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