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Retrofit 2.0 Samples

This post is about using Retrofit 2.0 (beta) to consume HTTP based APIs. Retrofit is a great and popular API client library for Java (and by extension also for Android) developed by Square. Here’s a few links to start things off: Retrofit Homepage Retrofit Source on Github Retrofit Javadoc Blog post about Retrofit 2.0 Source code with samples for this post is available on Github. Retrofit makes it easy to develop API clients by describing API endpoints and the results like this:

Yet Another DMCA Takedown

Another DMCA takedown of one of my Android apps. This time initiated by The New York Times Company for a three year old app titled “NYTimes Article Search”. Instead of having their lawyers send the DMCA notice to Google which immediately suspends the respective app, they could have just sent me an email and I’d have changed the name immediately. Quite sad how the world is driven by lawyers these days…

How to get 4 to 5 stars in the Android market (Appirater for Android)

Short answer: Ask your especially engaged users to rate the app (eg. with a tool such as AppRater). iPhone developer Amro Mousa published a post yesterday with recommendations about how to reach a high average rating on the AppStore, since many app users are only remembered to rate an app on uninstalling, which naturally leads to less-than-optimal reviews and ratings. The reality is some developers pay for downloads and reviews to get higher rankings on the App Store.

Advice for Android Developers: Prepare for App Acquisition

Here’s a brief but important advice for Android app developers: starting with your first app, prepare for the situation where a company wants to acquire one of your applications. Use a unique signing key (alias) for each app! Else you’ll be forced to either cancel the acquisition or hand out the key you use for other apps as well. Android requires that all apps be digitally signed with a certificate before they can be installed.

How to Setup Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) in Eclipse, including the Galaxy Tab SDK

Today Android version 2.3 (Gingerbread, API Level 9) was released, including an updated Android plugin for Eclipse and the API Level 9 SDK. The release includes some very welcome updates for both users and developers, including better text selection tools, access to more sensor data, improved garbage collection, updated video drivers for better OpenGL performance, a new media framework including VP8 video compression, WebM video container format, AAC audio encoding and AMR wideband encoding.