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Tools of the Trade

This page is an incomplete collection of great developer tools, utilities and services. Please send feedback, ideas and suggestions to @metachris.

Developer Tools

  • Atom - A hackable text editor for the 21st century
  • VirtualBox - Virtual Machines
  • Vagrant - CLI tool to manage VMs
    • Scotch - Vagrant Box with LAMP stack and more
  • Docker - Containerization toolkit
  • Awesome Lists - A curated list of awesome lists

Development Tools

Programming Langs

Server & Infrastructure


  • Ansible for automation of deployment and server setup
  • Jenkins CI - Continuous integration
  • Gerrit - Code reviews by Google

Web & Server Dev

Web Server Stack

  • Nginx - Much faster and easier to configure than Apache
  • Redis - Efficient caching / in-memory key-value store with lots of goodies
  • NSQ - Message Bus



Logging & Monitoring

Collecting logs from Clients

Collecting logs from Backends/Server

  • Fluentd - Logging middleware / unified logging layer (open source)
  • ELK - ElasticSearch + Logstash + Kibana for collecting and visualizing logs


  • Prometheus - Monitoring and alerting solution (open source - Apache license)
  • NewRelic - Server monitoring saas (ok free tier)


  • PostgreSQL: popular open-source database with native JSON support
  • MariaDB: Community fork of MySQL
  • ElasticSearch - distributed, multitenant-capable full-text search engine with a RESTful interface
  • MongoDB: Popular NoSQL database
  • Riak: Distributed databae

Message Protocols


Windows Tools


Dev Support

  • - Continuous Integration (free for open source projects)
  • - Code coverage (free for open source projects)


Push Notifications

  • Parse - Push notifications from backend to user apps (large free tier)
  • PushOver - Receive push notifications from your services by sending a mail (cheap, pay per device)

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