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Most of my personal projects are released under an open source license on

Various Projects

neo-python Python Node and SDK for the NEO blockchain
imusify Built the blockchain middleware. Winner of second place in CoZ NEO dApp competition.
logzero Python logging made easy Hand crafted Python 2 and 3 boilerplates with argparse, logging, Flask, pytest, tox, and more
vue-highlightjs npm package Easy syntax highlighting with Vue.js
jekyll-boilerplate A Jekyll boilerplate project based on this website
python-tornado-tcp-boilerplate A Python boilerplate project for TCP Clients and Server using Facebook's Tornado async I/O framework
python-raspberrypi-boilerplate A Python boilerplate project for the Raspberry Pi
USB Looper 1080p full HD media player
Multilooper Frame-synchronized HD video playback
PDFx PDF metadata extractor and reference downloader
RPIO Raspberry Pi GPIO Toolbox (docs)
Flock Multiplayer Engine Cloud based mobile multiplayer SaaS startup [2] MeetMe is a leading social network where I have been principal mobile architect from 2010 to 2012 (in New Hope, PA).
Blinkenschild the RGB display for every occasion [2] [3] [4] source
Android Snippets (Pre-)StackOverflow for Android (source)
CSS Pivot Add CSS styles to any website and share the result (2011) [1] [2] source
Backend Info Get info about a website's backend (2009) source
Django Photoblog Photo blog Django backend
HTML5 Boilerplate Contributor to HTML5 Boilerplate
App Engine Boilerplate Author & Maintainer (outdated)
Django Boilerplate Author & Maintainer (outdated)
My Market Alternative Android Market ([])
web2serial Prototype of web-to-serial communication (python server + html/js)
Feedmailer RSS to Email as a service
android-market-api-py Android market API protocol buffers reverse engineering
Binary Serializer Prototype of binary serialization protocol Projects & Blog
GIT Workshop at Metalab Vienna, 2014
Most Simple Ajax Chat Ever January 2006. Featured on source
Ajax Chess Ajax multiplayer chess
OLPC Various projects at One Laptop Per Child
Elements 2D Physics in Python, built on top of Box2D [1]
Android Apprater Lib to remind users to rate
Google Summer of Code Mentor for One Laptop Per Child in 2008 [1]
xo-get Package Manager for the OLPC Laptop [1]
XO ImageQuiz Image quiz game for the OLPC laptop [1] [2]
Social Bookmark Link Generator [archived]
GVis JS library to simplify the Google Visualization API
Python IRC Lightweight Python IRC library (2007)

Talks & Interviews

Chaos Radio About One Laptop Per Child (70 min, German)
Rundfreifunk Live at 24C3, about One Laptop Per Child (15 min, English)

Android Apps

Hacker Surprise Android interface (WebFrame/Kiosk)
Network Scan Mobile host & port scanner (source)
Bluetooth Communicator Android and server side SPP bluetooth
SC2 Queen Trainer Starcraft 2 Zerg Queen inject timer
Blinkenschild Android interface for the RGB display for every occasion [2] [3] [4] source
Iconic Memory Simple pattern memory game
My Market
Four Online Online connect four
Don't Connect Four Inverse connect four game
Tea Time Simple tea timer
NYTimes Article Search
Location Tagger Simply remember locations